Shame and Guilt


There is a lot of misunderstood when talking about anger. Although anger can be vey helpful in other to eliminate obstacles to our goals, to establish borders and frontiers, to protect ourselves in a more active way, people usually confuse it with agression. Anger does not necessarily involve agressio as this is not the unique way to impose limits. Anger can also be mixed with a sense of personal justice.

The main thing is that there is nothing wrong in feel anger. Social rules, especially when talking about religion, prohibits anger and its expression. Somehow we are supposed to have control of anger all the time, and even feel guilt when we feel angry.
Although there are many benefits from anger it can also be a maladaptive emotion. When we are totally uncontrolled, we expose ourselves and others, to the intensity of rage.

It´s extremely necessary to understand what is the function and the context of anger so we can decide if we follow it as an adapative emotion or if we need to control its expression.
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