Shame and Guilt


Researchers had been discussing for a long time if Love is a basic emotion or a mix of other emotions. Leaving this aside, Love is something fundamental to us. Although it can be connected to biological and automatic impulses as sexual attraction to others and nurturing the offspring, It also includes long time goals as growing and aging side by side a partnership, creating common plans and life goals, taking care and being cared.
Love made and make us humans and the affective connection that comes from it gives meaning to our lives. There is nothing as good as being delighted by our lovers, babies and families. We were borned to connect to each others. Everything starts with the first relationship, the attachment between the child and attachment figure. We learn to be care, to feel intense pleasure in the company of a special one since the beginning of our life. The absence of love or the fragility of our early bonds, can have extreme consequences to our future and to the way we behave and create intimacy in adult life. Extreme sadness, hopeless, helpless, angre , anxiety maybe some of the consequences. On the other hand, Love give us energy, make the world shiny, and show us that it can be worthy to be vulnerable, showing our feelings, showing who we really are.
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